Recruitment For Shipping And Marine Industry

The growth of the marine industry, coupled with the growth in ports activity and recreation, has opened new vistas in the marine industry for job seekers. We maintain a string data base of qualified and experienced personnel who are pursuing a successful career in the industry.

Cambodia Maritime  is usually the first port of call for the marine industry's employers as well as employees. With our capabilities to serve all sizes of organizations, from small firms to multinational blue chip clients in marine shipping and associated industries, we are responsible for recruiting some of the industry's finest talent.

As our company is greatly respected throughout the marine industry, able and competent candidates frequently approach us, seeking career moves and a place on our database.

Not only do we have access to the most qualified and experienced candidates but make our agency a most resourceful way to recruit professionals, considering the advertising costs and inordinate time spent on direct recruitment.

We provide candidates for the various job openings in this industry like :
Captain master

  • Deck Department
    • Chief Officer/Chief Mate
    • Second Officer/Second Mate
    • Third Officer/Third Mate
    • Deck Cadet
    • Boatswain
    • Carpenter
    • Able Seaman
    • Ordinary Seaman
  • Engineering Department
    • Chief Engineer
    • Second Engineer/First Assistant Engineer
    • Third Engineer/Second Assistant Engineer
    • Fourth Engineer/Third Assistant Engineer
    • Engineering Cadet
    • Qualified Member of the Engine Department
    • Pumpman
    • Oiler
    • Wiper
  • Steward's department
    • Chief Steward
    • Chief Cook
    • Steward's Assistant

  • Marine Recruitment for Deck Officer
    • Captain
    • Chief Officer
    • 1st Officer
    • 2nd Officer
    • 3rd Officer
    • Deck Cadet
    • Safety Officer
    • Security Officer
    • Environmental Officer
  • Marine Recruitment for Engineer
    • Chief Engineer
    • 1st Engineer
    • 2nd Engineer
    • 3rd Engineer
    • 4th Engineer
    • Refrigeration Engineer
    • Electronic Engineer
    • Electrician
    • Motorman
    • Repairman Fitter/Oilier
  • Marine Recruitment for Bar
    • Bar Manager
    • Bar Tender
    • Wine Steward/ess
    • Bar Waiter/ess
    • Bar Storekeeper
    • Deck Steward
    • Utility

  • Marine Recruitment for Hotel
    • Front Office Manager
    • Executive Housekeeper
    • Bell Captain
    • Guest Relation Coordinator
    • Butler
    • Bell Boy / Girl
    • Receptionist
    • Stateroom Steward/ess
    • Lounge Steward
    • Utility
  • Marine Recruitment for Kitchen Staff
    • Chef De Cuisine
    • Sous Chef
    • Working Chef
    • Pastry
    • Chief Butcher
    • 2nd Cook
    • Chef 3rd Cook
    • Chief Baker
    • Chef De Partie 1st
    • Chef Gardemanger
    • Buffet man
    • 1st Cook
    • Sanitation Supervisor
    • Storekeeper
    • Utility
  • Marine Recruitment for Restaurant
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Restaurant Hostess
    • Rest. Steward/ess
    • Maitre D'
    • Waiter/ess
    • Bus Boy / Asst. Waiter
    • Utility

  • Marine Recruitment for Casino
    • Pit Boss
    • Croupier
    • Cashiers
    • Slot Technician
    • Slot Attendant
  • Marine Recruitment for Health Club
    • Fitness Coordinator
    • Aerobics Instructor

We bridge the gap between the employers and employees by valuably assisting the recruiters to meet the key aspects of productivity, efficiency and revenue generation. Empowered with the rich database, we fully understand the job's expectation, in order to engage the current generation of candidates. Our recruitment operations are arranged into industry specific business units and we employ dedicated marine employment teams with specialist marine knowledge.

Our Marine Employment Division has a proven track record of supplying professional and able workforce, from the junior most to the top executive level. Our marine employment services offer a flexible human resource solution to facilitate the peaks and troughs in demand for marine personnels. 

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